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Our goals is to show and educate the importance of Open Source development and Decentralization, on both software and hardware side it will have an massive impact in the future. We aim to be the place where people come to build the future.
We want to be the place people come to learn about Bitcoin, Crypto Currencies, Open Source and Decentralization. Our ideology is educate and encourage development and research. All our projects will be published on our GitHub page.

We have a guesthouse, co-working space, private office, there is also a restaurant on the premises.

Interested in mining? We operate a mining farm, here you can learn about mining or experiment with the hardware and software.

We are located in Northern Thailand. Please contact us. Email

Our current projects

We are currently working on a idea of making a decentralized self sustainable Bitcoin community. We are defining our vision for the community. We will be starting a Telegram group shortly to have direct communication with everyone involved. You can find out more about in the links below. Feel free to criticize and give your input how this project could work. We are very happy that The Bitcoin Family have joined us. We would like to hear you thoughts about this, get in touch with us Contact

Medium Article Bitcoin Community

Brainstorming Doc

Satoshi House, Chiang Saen, Thailand

Areas we like to support development in


  • Fungibility
  • Scaling
  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Protocol development
  • Application development
  • Wallet development
  • UX for merchants and users
  • Lightning Network
  • Better options for custodial services
  • Key storage
  • Mass adoption
  • Code review
  • Mining decentralization
  • Micro-payments
  • Research and Development

Transactions via different media

  • Radio
  • Satellite
  • Phone line
  • USB/Bluetooth

Potential use of second layers solutions

  • Government spending/budget
  • Voting

Open Source / Decentralization

  • ISP
  • Freedom of speech
  • Phone service providers
  • VPN
  • Hardware development
  • Mesh networks
  • Tor network

Cypherpunk movement

  • Digital privacy

Or any other technology that looks like it could seriously disrupt the current status quo for the better – we’d love to hear about your project, please drop us a line at contact

Important Links

Bitcoin White Paper

Cypherpunk Manifesto

The Crypto Anarchist Manifesto

Bitcoin Information

Consulting Services From 0.1 Btc Book here

  • Wallet Setup
  • Bitcoin Fundamentals
  • Crypto Integration
  • Do I really need a Blockchain?
  • Mining Optimization
  • How to start accepting crypto
  • Private Key Management
  • Custodial Services
  • Security
  • Crypto for merchants
  • Research
  • How to stay private on the blockchain


We host a weekly Bitcoin meetup, every Sunday at 3 pm. Where we help new people understand bitcoin and crypto currencies. For people who have been in to crypto for a while, we have some great brain storming sessions. We strive to have a casual meetup environment, weather you are new or have in the space for a while. Come and joins us.
Mekong Bitcoin Meetup

We are also hosting a Bitcoin Meetup in Koh Phangan, If you are on the island come and check us out at The Crowbar

Satoshi House Workshop’s Book now
Introduction to Bitcoin (Monday to Friday) Free free until bull market.
Bitcoin Fundamentals (Saturday’s) 0.1 Btc
Private Key Management (Sunday’s) 0.1 Btc

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Developers: Please contact us. email
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